3D MPO screenshots of Nintendo 3DS™ games for 3DS web browser
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3DS web browser
Connect with Nintendo 3DS™ web browser to display 3D pictures
3DS Screenshot is fully compatible with 3DS internet browser
How to use 3DS web browser

3DS Screenshot website First make sure your Nintendo 3DS WIFI connection is correctly setted up (configure it in the System Settings). Then you have to update your hardware : in the System Settings, choose System Update and follow the steps.

You are now abble to use the internet browser ! At any time, even when you are playing, the web browser is available in the HOME menu. Just tap the blue planet icon at the upper-right corner of the bottom screen.
Start browsing the web and watch 3D content

Browsing the internet is very simple with 3DS web browser. Select Menu and enter a search request in the search text-field or select URL to directly enter an internet URL. In order to access our website, write 3DS Screenshot in the text-field and select the good search result or directly enter http://www.3ds-screenshot.com in the URL text-field.

While surfing on our website, do not forget to add it to your bookmarks by selecting the Add button in the Menu ! You will abble to go back to the site whenever you want by using the Bookmarks button in the Menu.

To watch 3D glass-free games pictures on 3DS Screenshot, simply select the game you want in the homepage menu (you can sort games by last update, name or popularity). Use the circle-pad or the stylus to go up or down. Once in the game gallery, tap the game screen you want and it will be displayed in 3D on the upper screen. You can save it to your SD card by choosing Save picture on the bottom screen. You will be abble to watch it later using the camera application.
Tips and tricks about 3DS web browser

3DS web browser - At any moment you can see the URL of the page you are surfing on : select the i button in the Menu.

- You can display any picture of a web page on the upper screen by tapping and holding the stylus on the picture. Release it to display the picture. Note that some pictures which are not compatible with the 3DS screen resolution will not be properly displayed.

- You can upload pictures from the camera application to the internet on websites that allows image upload. By selecting the proper section of the website, you will ba abble to browse the camera application and to select the pictures you want to upload. Follow the steps on the website to start uploading.
More informations about Nintendo 3DS internet browser at Nintendo official website.
3D stereo pictures are .mpo files that can be displayed directly on your Nintendo 3DS™ screen. Click on a thumbnail to load the 3D picture on the upper screen.